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About you and McBritton Farms

Chicken raised with No Vaccines or GMO's

Most commercial hatcheries administer vaccines for all hatched chicks. These vaccines are used to prevent disease in future commercial confinement housing models. McBritton Farms does not use commercial chicken housing methods. We raise our birds on pasture and sunshine! This is why McBritton Farms is dedicated to a hatchery who administers NO Vaccines! 

As members of the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association #APPPA, we invite you to watch the following video to show our growing model.


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Farm to Table

McBritton Farms is dedicated to having our chicken humanely and minimally processed at a MDARD facility. We then get them directly to our customers as fast as possible. Feel good about your food knowing we are face to face with them everyday. Everyone should know where their food comes from. 

A portion of our animals and profits are donated the Lakeshore Food Club! Thank you for helping us make a difference in our community!


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Why McBritton Farm Chicken?

Our chickens experience the following lifestyle:

Non-GMO and Gluten Free feed with no MSG’s from #HilandNaturals! 

#HilandNaturals is Americas premier Feed.

*Tested and Guaranteed Non-GMO

*Tested and Guaranteed Herbicide Free

*Tested and Guaranteed Pesticide Free

*Guaranteed No Medication

*Guaranteed 100% #USA Produced


#Whatsinyourfeed = #Whatsinyourfood

Pasture Raised with Sunshine, bugs, and grass. 

Vaccine free

Protected from predators

Country music playing 24/7

Processed at a local certified MDARD facility

Available vacuum packed whole or cut just like the local grocery

Money back satisfaction guarantee

Licensed and Insured

Chicken: (3.5-6lbs/chicken) 

Whole - $4.00/lb.  

Cut 8 way - $4.50/lb. 

Turkeys - 15-25 lbs. $100/bird

(approximate weight of your choice)


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